Esperando mi cajita feliz

Como ya lo sabe la mayoría de ustedes -y para que los demás se vayan enterando-, hace casi un mes me "despedí" de Macondo. Quisieron hacerme firmar una renuncia bajo presión y no lo acepté así que bueno, estoy libre.
Libre, pero sin un chocho. Al menos esa última parte no ha cambiado de cuando trabajaba para ellos, como muchos sabrán.

He estado esperando durante semanas para ver si deciden ser decentes por una vez, pero no han querido pagar la liquidación...vaya sorpresa. Mañana hay una reunión con alguien de Macondo para ver si por fin me liquidan, pero sería imposible ponerme muy optimista: cuando se trata de ponerle fe al género humano, prefiero gentes de otra calaña (porque hay quienes morirán siendo los Neandertales de la ética).

El único consuelo que tengo es que son biodegradables y el planeta no seguirá sufriendo su patética avaricia y pettyness por miles de años :P

Después de mañana les he de contar si el malo de la película se redimió antes de morir (como conviene a una película familiar).


PS: agradezco el apoyo de todos los panas que han estado ahí para dármelo. Son tantos que me da pereza nombrarlos, pero ustedes ya saben.
PS2: ¿alguien sabe cuándo viene Gendo? Quiero ir a recibirlo con la cación de Abdalá. ¡Déjenlo volver!


Messenger del futuro o “el japi meal… cultural” XDD

Bueno, aquí estaba yo, minding my own business, leyendo Good Omens por séptima vez, cuando llegué a uno de mis pasajes favoritos (que son miles. Si tuviera que señalarlos a todos, el libro estaría anegado en resaltador XD) y he aquí que yo conocía este pedacito. Claro, porque lo he leído muchas veces, pero también porque es un Posible Futuro. Hasta hace una semana yo trabajaba en un lugar, esto es lo que nos dieron de comer y este es el futuro que le sigo imaginando:
(Pongo todo desde el principio del capítulo porque es taaaaan bueno. Aitá, con todo y la aparición especial de uno de los Jinetes… y de un Rey XDDD)

Raven Sable, slim and bearded and dressed all in black, sat in the back of his slimline black limousine, talking on his slimline black telephone to his West Coast base.
“How’s it going?” he asked
“Looking good, chief,” said his marketing head. “I’m doing breakfast with the buyers from all the leading supermarket chains tomorrow. No problem. We’ll have MEALS™ in all the stores this time next month.”
“Good work, Nick.”
“No problem. No problem. It’s knowing you’re behind us, Rave. You give great leadership, guy. Works for me every time.”
“Thank you,” said Sable, and he broke the connection.
He was particularly proud of MEALS™.
The Newtrition corporation had started small, eleven years ago. A small team of food scientists, a huge team of marketing and public relations personnel, and a neat logo.
Two years of Newtrition investment and research had produced CHOW™. CHOW™ contained spun, plaited, and woven protein molecules, capped and coded, carefully designed to be ignored by even the most ravenous digestive tract enzymes; no-cal sweeteners; mineral oils replacing vegetable oils; fibrous materials, colorings and flavorings. The end result was a foodstuff almost indistinguishable from any other except for two things. Firstly, the price, which was slightly higher, and secondly the nutritional content, which was roughly equivalent to that of a Sony Walkman. It didn’t matter how much you ate, you lost weight. Fat people had bought it. Thin people who didn’t want to get fat had bought it. CHOW™ was the ultimate diet food-carefully spun, woven, textured, and punded to imitate anything, from potatoes to venison, although the chicken sold best.
Sable sat back and watched the money roll in. He watched CHOW™ gradually fill the ecological niche that used to be filled by the old, untrademarked food.
He followed CHOW™ with SNACKS™- junk food made from real junk.
MEALS™ was Sable’s latest brainwave.
MEALS™ was CHOW™ with added sugar and fat. The theory was that if you ate enough MEALS™ you would a) get very fat, and b) die of malnutrition.
The paradox delighted Sable.
MEALS™ were currently being tested all over America. Pizza MEALS, Fish MEALS, Szechuan MEALS, macrobiotic rice MEALS. Even Hamburguer MEALS.
Sable’s limousine was parked in the lot of a Des Moines, Iowa, Burguer Lord- a fast food franchise wholly owned by his organization. It was here they’d been piloting Hamburguer MEALS for the last six months. He wanted to see what kind of results they’d been getting.
He leaned forward, tapped the chauffeur’s glass partition. The chauffeur pressed a switch, and the glass slid open.
“I’m going to take a look at our operation, Marlon. I’ll be ten minutes. Then back to L.A.”
Sable sauntered into the Burguer Lord. It was exactly like every other Burguer Lord in America**. McLordy the Clown danced in the Kiddie Korner. The serving staff had identical gleaming smiles that never reached their eyes. And behind the counter a chubby, midle-aged man in a Burguer Lord uniform slapped burguers onto the griddle, whistling softly, happy in his work.
Sable went up to the counter.
“Hello-my-name-is-Marie,” said the girl behind the counter. “How-can-I-help-you?”
“A double blaster thunder biggun, extra fries, hold the mustard,” he said.
“A special thick whippy chocobanana shake.”
She pressed the little pictogram squares on her till. (literacy was no longer a requirement for employment in this restaurants. Smiling was.) Then she turned to the chubby man behind the counter.
“DBTB, E F, hold mustard,” she said. “Choc-shake.”
“Uhnnhuhn,” crooned the cook. He sorted the food into little paper containers, pausing only to brush the graying cowlick from his eyes.
“here y’are,” he said.
She took them without looking at him, and he returned cheerfully to his griddle, singing quietly, “Loooove me tender, looooove me me long, neeever let me go...”
The man’s humming, Sable noted, clashed with the Burguer Lord backgroud music, a tinny tape loop of the Burguer Lord commercial jingle, and he made a mental note to have him fired.
Hello-my-name-is-Marie gave Sable his MEAL™ and told him to have a nice day.
He found a small plastic table, sat down in the plastic seat, and examined his food.
Artificial bread roll. Artificial burguer. Fries that had never even seen potatoes. Foodless sauces. Even (and Sable was especially pleased with this) an artificial slice of dill pickle. He didn’t bother to examine his milkshake. It had no actual food content, but then again, neither did those sold by any of his rivals.
All around him people were eating their unfood with, if not actual evidence of enjoyment, then with no more actual disgust than was to be found in burguer chains all over the planet.
He stood up, took his tray over to the PLEASE DISPOSE OF YOUR REFUSE WITH CARE receptacle, and dumped the whole thing. If you had told him that there were children starving in Africa he would have been flattered that you’d noticed.

*And hair. And skin tone. And, if you ate enough of it long enough, vital signs.
**But not like every other Burguer Lord across the world. German Burguer Lords, for example, sold lager instead of root beer, while English Burguer Lords managed to take any American fast food virtues (the speed with which your food was delivered, for example) and carefully remove them; your food arrived after half an hour, at room temperature, and it was only because of the strip of warm lettuce between them that you could distinguish the burguer from the bun. The Burguer Lord pathfinder salesmen had been shot twenty-five minutes after setting foot in France.


Me asaltaron

Balrogs, tenía cosas bien chéveres para postear y me toca poner esto :P
No me llamarán al celular, es una pérdida de tiempo.
Caigan este fin de semana si quieren escuchar la historia.