La llave de la felicidad, de alguien que ya no tiene para el Dominium. Feliz Equinoccio :DDDDDD

Feliz día a todos, ojalá algunos tengan la suerte de ver el sol hoy. Creo que en Quito, para variar, no tendremos esa suerte. O, mejor dicho, en Quito, para variar, no se sabe.
Una amiga me dijo anoche que es bueno empezar la nueva estación con un cambio positivo y estuve de acuerdo. Estaba de buen ánimo entonces. Luego todo se fue, como dicen en mi tierra, "por el caño" y hoy amanecí mucho muy very enojada indeedy. Pero todo pasa por algo y acabo de pensar que había cosas en mi vida que tenían que acabarse sí o sí porque ya era muy alto el nivel de FAIL. Viéndolo de esa manera, un ataque de iras no acaba siento taaaaaan malo (aunque no es cómodo para nadie, en especial para mí).
Así que, como decía un amigo que se me fue con los Aguirres de este mundo, "todo está bien".
Nice, huh?
Y en la sana tradición que me caracteriza y me hace su bloguera/facebookera favorita, quisiera compartir el aprendizaje que dejó el invierno con quien sea que esté interesado en replicar lo del cambio positivo y ande con ganas de llevarse mejor con los demás. Vamos?
Ok, lo escribí en inglés, perdón. Es que tengo mis maneras raras de sacarme los diablos de adentro y el inglés me ayuda. Seguro se entiende o se puede recurrir a cualquier inocente que ande por ahí con ganas de traducir. O por último se puede maldecir a la autora y llamarla "pedante", ya qué. Y dice:

Here's some nice piece of advice today, for free, for everybody:
1. take a little stroll outside your mind every once in a while. It doesn't hurt and the world is waiting for you to start living with the rest of us: you are not the only one alive, with needs and difficulties to struggle with. It might just be that the people around you is trying very hard to be nice to you and cheer you up but you're way too inside of yourself being miserable to notice. Try a different point of view at least TRICE in your present life, and i don't mean the trick when you put on a different pair of glasses but when you look out from a different pair of eyes.
2. Don't take people for granted. Really. Humans don't usually go around saying "you still have five chances left to stop being a bitch and start being nice or i'll be seein' ya... ok, you still have four chances..." No-one is going to be nice to you forever for free, sorry. You must respond in any appropriate fashion, not just in any effing way you fee like because, and i cannot stress this enough, IT'S NOT JUST YOU IN THE UNIVERSE and love is generally measured for what you give and not whatever the fuck goes on in your perfect inner world where everything is peachy and there's not a single problem in sight.
3. Sober up and stop pretending to be something you're NOT, because it's no god for anyone, ok? It all comes out eventually and then i'll just notice you're not the lovely person / fucking genius / world's greatest lover / excellent worker / real partner / funny man / wonderful dad / compulsive provider / sex machine you advertise to be, and what good can ever come from disappointment? Honestly, you guys. Stop that.
4. Rhythm is important, we all have one and (surprise!) it's not the same. Pay attention to other people's times, maybe they deserve some respect too. There might have been a reason why one says "to-night" and not "to-morrow", for christ sakes, and a bloody good reason, at that. Specially this is important if you say you'll be there by eleven and come two you're still missing and not a single call. Does it ring a bell at all? Maybe you've fallen asleep or stayed up all night staring at the computer too many times when you were supposed to be doing something else (maybe with someone else?).
That's it, for key things i can think of that'll make life much easier for you and the rest. Just keep this in mind: if you insist on living like you are alone in the world, that's exactly how you'll end up. Don't go around complaining you didn't have a second chance afterwards. You had like a hundred and you didn't notice.

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